At upcoming Powerplay 39, Kim-Alina Baldacchino will step back into the ring and look to avenge a questionable defeat when she throws down with the hard hitting Jacinta Paskalidis. The road back to the Powerplay ring has been wrought with challenges and what sometimes seemed insurmountable barriers, however Kim-Alina is back and ready to do what she loves:

“I love the mental and physical challenges that kickboxing has. I love how I am continually learning and pushing my limits. I love being able to put all my practice into play in the ring”

In what has been an exciting career thus far, Kim-Alina has fought on Powerplay 3 times and continues to enjoy the learning experience one achieves when fighting on the premier K1 promotion in the Country. From Kim-Alina’s perspective, the fourth iteration will be no different:

“It will be my 4th fight on Powerplay I always gain lots of experience fighting on Australia’s leading K1 show” 

Kim-Alina Baldacchino

Kim-Alina’s road back to Powerplay commenced earlier this year when she had the distinct honour of competing in front of the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although Arnie is an unquestionable presence, he was no distraction to Kim-Alina who simply went about her business and got the job done:

“After 3 years out of the ring it was great to be back in there. I was there to do a job and it didn’t make me fight any different with having him there ringside my focus was on one thing and that was my opponent” 

Up next is a familiar opponent in the form of Jacinta Paskalidis. Kim-Alina and Jacinta have been opponents turned training partners turned opponents again which is somewhat of a unique blend. Regardless of the history, come fight night Jacinta is simply another opponent standing in the way of Kim-Alina achieving her ultimate goals:

“In the past it was such a struggle finding opponents so to be matched again I’m happy. And our last fight a few years back went her way for some reason so will be good to avenge that loss. We have sparred not long back as she helped me prepare for the last fight so there is no bad blood between us. She is just another opponent standing in my way so it’s all business on the night”

Kim-Alina Baldacchino

Given the relationship between the combatants this rematch is not inclusive of the stereotypical bad blood that rematches can typically produce; but alas that won’t stop Kim-Alina from trying to put her opponent away in highlight reel fashion:

“No bad blood just bad intentions lol”

Kim-Alina Baldacchino

Based on the history that these two have, one may ponder the fact that they would know each other’s games incredibly well. Often, thinking too much about your opponent’s strengths or game plan can deter from the real focus which is oneself. Given Kim-Alina’s experience however, she is not wasting any time or energy thinking about what strengths Jacinta will bring to the ring on November 24:

“She will bring all of them, I’m not bothered what she brings I just listen to what my coaches ask of me”

As Kim-Alina prepares for this important rematch, she will do so in familiar territory which familiar faces pushing her to her limits. Most wouldn’t understand nor appreciate the grind a fighter must go through in preparation for fight night; the juggling act balancing prep with the normalities of life can often be more difficult than the fight itself:

“I will be training out of The 44 Gym with my husband Steven Baldacchino and a lot of my training will be done in Melbourne at North Melbourne Boxing Gym with Sam Greco. A typical day for me is up at 4:30am train then off to work at my full time job and then travel 2-2.5hrs one way to training in Melbourne. I travel to Melbourne 3-4 times per week

As Kim-Alina mentioned, her husband and fellow martial arts standout Steve Baldacchino is a critical part of her team at both a personal and professional level. Steve’s knowledge of the sport ensures he performs critical functions as it pertains to coaching, training and motivating. His general presence also provides a sense of calm when engaged in battle:

“Steve is my best training partner. It’s great to train with him, we feed off one another and his always there for me. He always motivates and pushes me. It’s great to have him in my corner as he knows me best”

Kim-Alina Baldacchino

With all of the intricate elements coming together Kim-Alina is confident she has the ultimate recipe for success which will inevitably bring her the redemption filled ‘W’ at Powerplay 39. Above all the biggest advantage Kim-Alina feels she will have is quite simple:

“Having the best team and support in my corner”

So now the K1 community will eagerly await this much anticipated showdown and if Kim-Alina has anything to say about it, it’s going to be one hell of a fight:

“It’s going to be packed full action with the awesome match ups to finish off the year” 

Powerplay 39

Article by Josh Warner