DJ Ruby Rose has won a charity boxing match after just three months of training against a fighter with only two years’ experience.

Rose went head to head with lightweight Yi Sia at Moonie Valley racecourse tonight.

She won all three of the two-minute rounds on points and was announced as the winner, 60 to 44, by referee Bryce Birtwistle.

After the amateur fight, Rose told the Herald Sun she jumped at the chance to learn how to box after being invited to take part in the event, which raised money for youth mental health foundation Headspace.

”There’s a lot celebrities can do for charity, like Dancing with the Stars but I’m not much of a dancer,” Rose said.

Ruby Rose before the bout. Picture: Stuart Walmsley

Rose who has battled with alcohol addiction said she would never forget the experience.

”This Saturday coming up is my one year of being sober and it feels incredible and I’ve just had my first amateur boxing match,” Rose said.

”It’s crazy. A year and a half ago, I couldn’t have done this,” Rose said.

Rose said she trained for two to three hours a day for the past two months.

”I went up against a boxer whose been boxing for two years and she was a delight, really great to box with.

”She really put me through the works.”

Ruby Rose takes part in a boxing match for charity against Yi Sia. Picture: Stuart Walmsley  

A sufferer of depression in her teenage years, Rose has been a long-time ambassador for the foundation.

She said she would be keen to compete in a similar event.