Momentum in any sport is genuinely one of the greatest advantages an athlete can establish. In combat sports specifically there is never a truer word spoken and for ‘The One’ Aaron Goodson momentum is something he has bucket loads of right now.

This momentum, which is quickly leaving a path of victims in his wake, will lead Aaron to a massive rematch with one of the few men who have humbled him in the past, that being the exuberant and inventive Blood Diamond. The current win streak, and spectacular past performances will leave Aaron in good stead, particularly his performance against Steve Moxon back at Powerplay 40. On that faithful evening we may well have seen the very best of Aaron Goodson to date:

“My fight with Steve Moxon was definitely me at my best! The reason I say this is simpleā€¦ my preparation leading up to the fight in every aspect of a fighter & training camp was done 100%”

Sitting ring side and calling that one sided beating left me in awe as to how far this great martial artist has come over the past few years. I have used the word ‘dominant’ on several occasions and ‘The One’ is in agreeance with my summary:

“Yes absolutely!”

Aaron is most definitely one of the more humble martial artists I have witnessed during my time in the sport, so being constantly tagged as the hottest prospect in the sport is probably something that doesn’t sit all that well with him even though he is fulfilling the mantra tenfold. Aaron’s humble nature aside, his results speak for themselves so the ‘hottest prospect’ tag is here to stay:

“Look if you asked me a year ago I would say no I don’t think so… but after dominating every fight I’ve had back since my loss against Alex Redhead with all the hard work & massive improvements I believe I’ve earned that especially after dominating Steve Moxon”

Aaron will need to reply on all that he has learned over this golden period in order to topple his next foe, that of course being Blood Diamond. Aaron is very familiar with his opponent and all that he will bring to the ring on August 31, however Aaron’s recent run of success has him confident that he can hang with the elite in the sport:

“Blood Diamond is a tuff, aggressive & awkward fighter and again someone who has had 3 times the amount of fights I’ve had, but nothing I can’t handle… Like I said I’ve earnt that spot in the sport to mix it with world class fighters!!”

Whilst the next big win is always Aaron’s primary focus, this contest brings with it the opportunity for retribution and payback. Aaron will ensure his judgment and mindset are not clouded by the relentless sense to even the score, however at the end of the day revenge is well and truly on his mind:

“Any fight should always be taken as important but a rematch there is always going to be that revenge wanted by the one that didn’t get the w in the first fight. So [it’s] very important!!”

With revenge on his mind, Aaron will need to right the wrongs from their previous contest and make those definitive changes that will ensure his hand is raised at the end of the rematch. Whilst Aaron obviously won’t give too much away, he is looking forward to introducing Blood Diamond to the new and improved version of ‘The One’:

“I’m sure he will be another to see the huge improvements from “The One” since we fought back in 2012″

As Aaron eluded to post his victory over Steve Moxon, preparation was one of the keys to what is the standout performance of his career thus far. Keeping with the same pattern, Aaron will invest heavily in his training camp surrounded by a bunch of trusted advisors so to ensure he is ready to go come August 31. Hell it may even be a possibility that we may see a more superior version of ‘The One’ come Powerplay 41:

“This camp has been very mentally challenging for me going through my own personal issues… but on the other hand I remind myself each day the great team I have with me and that giving up is not in my DNA so as I soldier on with my coach Joe Nader who knows me better than anyone with just a few words can have me focused an ready to fight at any given time. My strength & conditioning coaches Ned Vrselja & Judd Reid who put me through training where I am pushing limits I never even imagined and just their great support & time they put into me is second to none & I am super grateful & honoured to have such a strong team”

“All the hard training together with my stable brothers Christos Vlahogianis who will be making his debut on Powerplay 41 & I cannot wait to see kick ASS!! , Tristan Papadopoulas & Nazir Haddara who are also fighting on the card & are ones to look out for”

“Quality sparring from the brother Jake Mathews, the crew at team resilience & Mini Nachar & Hamad Allouche from team Rogers gym”

“My nutritionist Michelle Reeves who with out [her] I would not be in the shape an feel as good as I do for this fight looking after my weight & keeping track of where I’m at each day guiding me through a positive mindset An I say many thanks to her”

“[And] none of this will be possible if weren’t for these amazing people that allow me to pursue my dream, train morning and night throughout each week with their support:
Robert axiak from (WESTSIDE SEALANTS)
Jack & John Mclean from (MCLEAN CIVIL)

So with a platform of coaches and training partners that can only be referred to as ‘world class’; a fitness regime that has ‘The One’ in the best condition of his career; and a drive to be the very best fighter on planet earth, what can we expect from Aaron at Powerplay 41:

“A ‘W’ for Aaron Goodson”