The Weapon is Ready to go to War

At Powerplay 39 ‘The Weapon’ Toby Smith will make his long awaited and much anticipated return to the Powerplay ring when he battles Brazilian sensation Bruno Miranda in the main event of a fight card that is filled with the best martial artists from Australia and abroad.

Although his original opponent has unfortunately changed, Toby is excited to be back fighting on a show that aligns to one of his fondest memories in the sport:

“I fought on Powerplay before vs JWP; probably one of the biggest fights in Australian history. Since then I’ve collected a few more titles and big scalps but it will be good to fight on Powerplay again, can’t wait

Toby Smith defeats JWP at Powerplay 24

Toby’s affiliation with the sport is no accident as his father was also a recognised fighter long before Toby ever dreamed of lacing up a pair of gloves. With fighting in his blood, Toby was so young when he was first introduced to the sport that it’s no wonder he can barely recall the experience:

“I started training as young as I remember because my dad before me was a fighter so I basically grew up in the sport and went from there”

Toby & Blair Smith

As Toby mentioned earlier he has had the distinct privilege of fighting against the great John Wayne Parr. On that faithful evening not only did Toby step into the ring with the martial arts icon, he dispatched him in ultra-impressive fashion in somewhat of a passing of the torch moment. This moment is one in which Toby will never forget:

“Yeah that was an experience I won’t forget as I said above probably one of the biggest fights in Australian history as I was the up and comer and he was the already very famous and established JWP. Was good to get the win; was a long time coming of hard years fighting and training so to finally get the number 1 spot in Australia was amazing” 

Toby Smith defeats JWP at Powerplay 24

The original main event at Powerplay 39 pitted Toby against New Zealand native Brad Riddell. Unfortunately Brad has succumbed to a back injury which has forced him to withdraw from the much anticipated bout. But alas, in steps a genuine wrecking machine in the form of Brazilian Bruno Miranda. For Toby, Bruno currently poses somewhat of an unknown:

“Don’t know him but no problems I got a lot of time still to adjust”

Opponent changes mid preparation will have differing impacts on fighters. For some it’s a complete restart from the perspective of game plans, and for others it’s a relative non-topic as the opponent whom stands across from them matter very little. It’s definitely a ‘column B’ approach for Toby:

“No impact. Fights a fight [and I’ll] give it my all as always”

In a somewhat unique turn of events, Toby’s original opponent Brad will now corner his new opponent and will in essence support Bruno to complete the job that Brad was originally hoping to achieve himself. This would no doubt get into the head of a less experienced fighter, however for Toby its business as usual:

“[I] don’t feel anything about that [Brad cornering Bruno]”

It’s safe to say that the martial arts community were looking forward to seeing Toby and Brad throw down particularly under the mouth-watering prospect of Full Thai Rules; and although Bruno Miranda is an exceptional replacement one still ponders if we will get to see Toby and Brad mix it up in the future. From Toby’s perspective that is a fight he still definitely wants:

“Yeah hope he recovers quickly and we get to fight eventually” 

So with his focus now well and truly on Bruno, Toby will continue his preparation under the watchful eyes of his experienced and dedicated team. Together they will prepare a warrior, or weapon if you will, and develop a game plan that will render ultimate success:

“I’ll be training at my gym The Pit in Perth for the camp; I’ll be training twice a day hard as always”

Having fought names such as Mike Semetriou, Reece McAllister, Samsamut Kiatchongkao, Thongchai and Kem Sitsongpeenong and Superbon Banchamek to name a few, Toby is clear on the elements of his game that will provide the advantage required to deliver an impressive victory. In this instance, the advantage will come via 3 simple yet brutal elements:

“In the clinch, knees and elbows” 

Smith vs Miranda

So on November 26, the packed crowd at the Melbourne Pavilion will have the distinct honour of watching a talent who’s resume already includes the 76kg WKN World Title; Middleweight WKA World Title; 2 x WPMF 70kg World Title; 1 x Commonwealth Champion; 1x Australian Champion and 2x WA Champion. I hope the fans are ready for a war; Toby sure is:

“Awesome mate can’t wait to fight again and show the Melbourne fans a war”

Article by Josh Warner

Photos by William Luu

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Powerplay 37

Heavy hitter, Steve McKinnon, meets the equally brutal “AK 47” Chris Bradford for the anticipated Heavy Weight World Title showdown on Powerplay’s next installment. The fight that has brought Top Tier’s Chris Bradford out of retirement has been agreed to at 94 kg under K1 Rules, promising non stop action that comes with the experience of these two aggressively styled champions!

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Joe Nader: The man behind Powerplay

Joe Nader answers 20 questions for International Kickboxer Magazine. Read on to find out more about the man behind Powerplay Promotions.

1. What would you be doing if you weren’t a promoter?

I couldn’t think of anything else because I have been involved in this sport for 37 years.

2. Do you have any superstitions when fighting?

None at all.

3. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done during a promotion/fight night?

After having a quick shower and putting on my suit at the State Netball and Hockey Centre I had to rush to centre ring to make my speech, but as I was finishing my speech I noticed one of my sponsors pointing at me. I was trying to work out what he was trying to tell me, so I looked down and yes! My zip was down. How does one try to do up their zip in front of thousands of people without getting noticed? I just left it and folded my jacket over and I got through it. There were a few jokes thrown at me after the show, which was funny.

4. What is a surprising fact about you?

I have 10 God Children.

5. How would someone close to you describe you?

My fiancé calls me a grumpy old man.

6. What is one thing you are good at (apart from fighting)?

Chilling on the couch watching the footy — I also make the best Bolognese.

7. Favourite fighter?

Muhammad Ali.

8. Favourite food?

Mum’s cooking.

9. Favourite drink?

Hill Of Grace wine

10. Favourite tunes?

I’m a self confessed Pink Floyd nut.

11. Favourite TV show?

Love documentaries.

12. Favourite movie?

To many to choose from (Pulp Fiction).

13. Dream girl?

My fiancé Demi.

14. Dream wheels?

I have a Mercedes 64 model, two-door coupe sitting in my garage which needs a little attention. Or the Mercedes Gullwing — full of class.

15. Dream bout?


16. What can’t you stand?

People who don’t keep their word.

17. Best fight memory?

Watching the likes of Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost etc. in Japan while I was cornering Sam Greco.

18. Biggest/best break you ever got?

Still waiting for it!

19. In 10 years I’ll be…

Married with two kids.

20. What piece of advice would you give to an up and coming fighter?

Grasp every opportunity while you can, your fight career is too short to waste.

Article by IK Magazine

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Toby Smith TKOs John Wayne Parr at Powerplay 24

Toby Smith announced himself to the world at Powerplay 24 over the weekend, TKOing Aussie Muay Thai legend ‘John’ Wayne Parr in the third round of their highly-anticipated match at the Melbourne Pavilion.

Smith pressed forward the entire fight, worrying JWP with nasty elbows and close-in knee strikes. Backing JWP up against the ropes in the third, ‘The Weapon’ Smith connected with a vicious short elbow that fractured the legend’s orbital bone and crumpled him to the canvas where he was counted-out by the referee.

Source: IK Magazine

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Ruby Rose wins charity boxing match

DJ Ruby Rose has won a charity boxing match after just three months of training against a fighter with only two years’ experience.

Rose went head to head with lightweight Yi Sia at Moonie Valley racecourse tonight.

She won all three of the two-minute rounds on points and was announced as the winner, 60 to 44, by referee Bryce Birtwistle.

After the amateur fight, Rose told the Herald Sun she jumped at the chance to learn how to box after being invited to take part in the event, which raised money for youth mental health foundation Headspace.

”There’s a lot celebrities can do for charity, like Dancing with the Stars but I’m not much of a dancer,” Rose said.

Ruby Rose before the bout. Picture: Stuart Walmsley

Rose who has battled with alcohol addiction said she would never forget the experience.

”This Saturday coming up is my one year of being sober and it feels incredible and I’ve just had my first amateur boxing match,” Rose said.

”It’s crazy. A year and a half ago, I couldn’t have done this,” Rose said.

Rose said she trained for two to three hours a day for the past two months.

”I went up against a boxer whose been boxing for two years and she was a delight, really great to box with.

”She really put me through the works.”

Ruby Rose takes part in a boxing match for charity against Yi Sia. Picture: Stuart Walmsley  

A sufferer of depression in her teenage years, Rose has been a long-time ambassador for the foundation.

She said she would be keen to compete in a similar event.

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