Powerplay 42

Powerplay Promotions is back on March 14 and as is expected another world class card awaits!

Coming off a massive year which comprised world title victories and payback in the form of avenging a previous loss, ‘The One’ Aaron Goodson will headline the 42nd instalment of Powerplay and look to claim arguably the biggest scalp of his career.

Having dispatched Steve Moxon and Blood Diamond in devastating fashion, Aaron Goodson turns his attention to Mark Timms in what promises to be a high output kick fiesta. A perfect mix of technique, power and aggression these two warriors have the credentials to put on one of the most memorable contests of all time.

The UK native representing New Zealand, Mark Timms is a genuine “excitement machine” who literally breaks his opponents down with constant pressure and a seemingly endless arsenal of strikes. Fighting out of City Kickboxing under the legendary Eugene Bareman, Mark Timms will enter enemy territory and look to dethrone the very best Australia has to offer.

For ticket enquires use our online form or call (03) 9386 7797

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Powerplay 41 – “Pay Back Time”

Powerplay 41 – Behind The Scenes

LIKE AND SHARE TO WIN 2 FREE VIP TICKETS WITH BACK STAGE ACCESS!The time for Powerplay 41 “Pay Back Time” is almost here! These warriors give us a glimpse of how they push their body to its limits in the lead up to stepping in the ring in front of their opponent – The Blood, Sweat and Tears all comes down to one night. August 31st at the Melbourne Pavilion.Tickets available online or by phoning 03 9386 7797 between 9am and 9pm 7 days a week

Posted by POWERPLAY PROMOTIONS on Monday, 5 August 2019

On August 31st the 5th Payback Time instalment in Powerplay’s history will take place when Aaron Goodson looks to avenge a previous loss against Blood Diamond.
Aaron’s path of destruction continues to create carnage as evident when he demolished Steve Moxon back at Powerplay 40 and in doing so added another World Title to his collection. A fine mix of power, speed and technique, Aaron looks unstoppable right now.
Enter Blood Diamond! A man who has toppled Aaron before and plans to do so again! A multiple time IKBF, WMC and WKA Champion, the experienced and unorthodox Blood Diamond will look to derail the hype train and position himself as one of the very best in the sport.

Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM UTC+10

Tickets · $70 – $220

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Powerplay 40

On 23 March Powerplay promotions will proudly rollout its 40th instalment with a card that can only be described as epic!

In the Main Event, arguably the fastest rising prospect in the sport, Aaron Goodson, will look to continue his reign of terror when he battles kickboxing icon Steve Moxon. The gladiator whom reigns supreme in this one will earn the right to have a world title draped over his shoulder.

Last year they participated in one of the all time great Full Thai Rules contests and in the Co-Main Event at Powerplay 40, Heavyweight warriors Chris Bradford and Joe Boobyer will lock horns again this time with a World Title on the line.

Supporting these two world class contests will be some of the finest talents this country has to offer competing under K1 rules.

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Powerplay 39

Powerplay Promotions will present it’s 39th installment with a mega card headlined by a blockbuster Full Thai Rules contest between Toby ‘ The Weapon’ Smith and Brazilian sensation Bruno Miranda. The Co-Main event will ensure knees and elbows continue to fly when Chris Bradford takes on 3 x Thai Heavyweight Champion Pinyo Kadamdun.

If that’s not enough, the blockbuster fights continue when Australia’s own Aaron Goodson takes on New Zealand native Tyson Turner. Powerplay 39 will also play host to a couple of highly anticipated rematches when Albert Xavier takes on Quan Trinh and Kim Baldacchino takes on Jacinta Paskalidis.

The undercard also promises to deliver some genuinely mouthwatering contest including Dean Vujic vs. Tanner Gumustas, Jose Alcantara vs. Jye Breed, Joseph Coverdale vs. James Hackett and Mohameed Eldimerdash vs. Stuart McIntosh.

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Powerplay 38

On August 25th, Powerplay Promotions hits the Melbourne Pavilion with its 38th installment of non-stop action headlined by heavy hitters Chris Bradford Vs Jordan Maroroa
Bradford, who came out of retirement for Powerplay 37, proves he enters the ring as a changed and conditioned fighter that refuses to back down. He showed everyone that he has exactly what it takes to mix it with the heavy weights who remained active during his break, giving Steve McKinnon a five round war that could’ve been anyone’s win!
The Geelong fighter from Top Tier Muay Thai now lines up his next challenge against the younger Jordan Maroroa under K1 rules.
Joining these two champions, is a stacked card of Australian fight talent, including 2 x World Champion Aaron “The One” Goodson, Commonwealth Champion and Veteran Roberto Minniti, Jacob O’Connor, Taner Gumustas, Bradley Trainor, Ramen Habiib, Anthony Gilbert, Kimalina Baldacchino and

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Powerplay 37

Heavy hitter, Steve McKinnon, meets the equally brutal “AK 47” Chris Bradford for the anticipated Heavy Weight World Title showdown on Powerplay’s next installment. The fight that has brought Top Tier’s Chris Bradford out of retirement has been agreed to at 94 kg under K1 Rules, promising non stop action that comes with the experience of these two aggressively styled champions!

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Powerplay 36


  • Brad Riddell def. Fernando Groenhart via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Moulay Bekkali def. Brendon McLean via Decision (Unanimous) (IWKBF Australian Title)
  • Steven Baldacchino def. Tyson Faulkner via KO, Rd1
  • Jayden Wright def. Leone Charalambous via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Marcus Burke def. Rhys Karakyriacos via TKO, Rd2
  • Michael Howard def. Trent-Harley Ross via KO, Rd1
  • Mohammad Eldimerdash def. Joe McCoy via Decision (Split)
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Powerplay 35

Powerplay Promotions brings two of the most explosive heavy weights into centre ring on October 14th 2017 as Steve McKinnon takes on Joe Boobyer under K1 rules. Matched with an equally excited under card of both K1 and Muay Thai rules!


  • Steve McKinnon def Joe Boobyer via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Nathan Robson def Huss Al Mansouri via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Jonathan Aiulu def Elliott Glenister via Decision (Majority)
  • Jayden Wright def Abdulmunim Nachar via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Jacob O’Connor vs Thomas Wilkins Draw
  • Corey Barrett def Tyrone Russell via Decision (Unanimous)

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Powerplay 34

Powerplay 34 Riddell Vs Moxon
Brad Riddell returns to Melbourne to fight Steve Moxon at the Melbourne Pavilion on Powerplay 34, July 22nd 2017. The fight EVERYONE in the global fight community wants to see, knowing it will be a 5 round war of K1 action!

Also on the fight card, Aaron “The One” Goodson makes his highly anticipated return into centre ring against the tough Alex Redhead and Powerplay veteran Roberto Minniti fights Indigo Boyd for the Commonwealth Title.

A stacked card of local, National and International Fighters NOT TO BE MISSED!
Moulay Bekkali, Salvatore Signorini, Rob Morgilo, Dimitri Iliev, Tristan Papadopoulos, Mini Nacher MORE!


  • Steve McKinnon def Joe Boobyer via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Nathan Robson def Huss Al Mansouri via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Jonathan Aiulu def Elliott Glenister via Decision (Majority)
  • Jayden Wright def Abdulmunim Nachar via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Jacob O’Connor vs Thomas Wilkins Draw
  • Corey Barrett def Tyrone Russell via Decision (Unanimous)

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Powerplay 26

Main Event

Victor ‘Hot Chilli’ Nagbe vs Mike ‘300’ Demetriou

Andrew van der Poel vs CHRIS ANDERSON

Trista n Papa Dopoulis vs Fatih Kaya

Dean Vujic vs Lachlan Da rt

Quan Trinh vs Ben Paul

Rob Minniti vs Tumay Hamza

Alexi Petroulias vs Mael Lemarchand

Abbas Ahmadi vs Ya nn Sandie

Luktum Tunza vs Sing Siri

Moulay Bekkali vs Ramesh Habib

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Powerplay 25


Tristan Papadopoulos (W – UD) vs Mitch Smibert

Rain Patrick Barry (W – UD) vs Mark Sondo

Timmy Tse vs Chris Nguyen (W – UD)

1st Elimination Bout
Michael “BAD ASS” Badato vs Brad “QUAKE” Riddell (W – TKO)

2nd Elimination Bout
Maseh “Massive Attack” Nuristani (W) vs Jason “Mauler” Scerri

WKA Victorian Super Lightweight Title
Nathan Carrol vs Nathan Gamble (W – TKO)

WKA Victorian Lightweight Title
Roberto Minniti (W – UD) vs Chris Fogas

WKA Australian Super Welterweight Title
Simon Coutsouvelis (W-UD) vs Brent Dames

Tass Tsitsiras (W – KO) vs Laurie Hanku

Main Event: Final Of 4 Man Eliminator
Maseh “Massive Attack” Nuristani vs Brad “QUAKE” Riddell (W-UD)



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Powerplay 24


Toby Smith (Winner via TKO in Rd. 3) vs John Wayne Parr

Brent Dames (Winner via KO) vs Simon Coutsouvellis

Moulay Bekkali (Winner via Unanimous Decision) vs Steve Baldachinno

Andre Meunier (Winner via KO) vs Josh Heta

Pat Richards (Winner via KO) vs Ash Powell

Kenny Tse (Winner via Majority Decision) vs Rob Miniti

Cain Brunton (Split Decision ) vs Liam McNeil

Marko Orlovic vs Nathan Gamble (Draw)

Scott Vezina (Winner via KO) vs Johnny Bourke

Ben McNeil (Winner via Unanimous Decision) vs Sandi Markis

Nathan Carrollvs Lee Fook (Split Decision)

Timmy Tse (Winner via KO ) vs Carl Snell

Ben Fischer (Winner via Unanimous Decision) vs Quan Trinh

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Powerplay 23

Powerplay Promotions brings you another action packed evening of K1 and Muay Thai with Jason Scerri vs Brad Riddel as the main event. Stacked under card of explosive talent including Steve Baldacchino, Abbas Ahmadi, Cobie Brigham, Simon Coutsouvelis and Rob Minnitti to name a few!

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